Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dacia Nova

Dacia Nova was the first car designed by the Romanian engineers, taking a very long time to complete. This is the reason for the car looking slightly outdated when it exited the factory's gates for the first time, in 1995. The next year the more popular facelifted version was introduced.

Dacia Nova

Urban myth in Romania suggests that it was a version of the Renault 11 or the Peugeot 309 which is incorrect. The Nova is a 100% Romanian design, started in 1983 and the only part of the car of Renault origin are its Cléon OHV engines. Whilst the styling is not dissimilar to the Peugeot 309, there is no commonality between it and the Nova.

Dacia Nova was the first car

dacia nova picture

2002 Dacia Super Nova

pe Dacia Nova daca traia

dacia nova sport image

File:Dacia Super Nova.JPG

2002 Dacia Nova 1.4 gli

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