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toyota yaris 2009

As of 2010, the first two generations had achieved in excess of 3.5 million sales in over 70 countries, including more than 1.4 million in Japan.

2009 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

The first generation XP10 series Toyota Vitz, designed by Sotiris Kovos at Toyota's ED2 studio in Europe. Production began in late 1998, with a Japanese on-sale date of January 1999; European sales commenced two months later as the "Toyota Yaris". When introduced to Australasia in October 1999, the "Toyota Echo" name was used, as was the case in Canada when released there in 2003. The "Echo" and "Yaris" names were also given to the export version of the related Japanese market Toyota Platz sedan, also available as a coupe in North America. Often sold alongside the hatchback and marketed as a single line of vehicles, exterior panels common between the Vitz and Platz were restricted to the front doors. However, as Vitz and Platz were designed using the same platform, the mechanicals are largely identical and both share a common dashboard module. There was also a "Yaris Verso" or "Echo Verso" variant sold in some export markets from late 1999, based on the Japanese "Toyota Fun Cargo". The Verso MPV utilizes the same running gear as the Vitz, but features a more spacious interior.

The 2009 Toyota Yaris

What became the XP10 series was shown earlier in concept form at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept, titled "Funtime" was developed under the leadership of Shuhei Toyoda, who also commissioned two additional models based on the same platform: the "Funcoupe" and the "Funcargo", the predecessor to the forthcoming production model Fun Cargo. Styled in Brussels by Toyota's European Office of Creation (EPOC), the "Fun project" as it was known, was envisaged to underline the versatility of shared platform engineering. These concept vehicles morphed into the New Basic Car (NBC) program, with each separate NBC model designated a number, NBC1 in the case of the Vitz three-door. The name Vitz is German for "brilliance" or "wit". Toyota claims the contrived name Yaris is "intended to convey a European impression", while Echo "is intended to Echo nothing."

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2009 Toyota Yaris

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